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Finally Tour time again

30. Jun 2017

Tomorrow is the day. Tour start in Germany! I am happy to be part of it and proud of what we have accomplished in the last years. The Tour starts in Germany and it is the most important cycling event in the world. German cyclists enjoy a very good reputation. We have achieved major successes and many young pros have moved up to the highest level.

With my wheels on the Formula 1 course

30. May 2017

After the Tour of Belgium I flew directly to Nice, where a video taping for Canyon awaited. We got some great pictures on the Formula 1 course and especially in the tunnel in Morocco. I was particularly happy to be here after Sebastian Vettel brought in a German victory here over the weekend.

Lurking in eighth place

26. May 2017

In yesterday’s stage at the Tour of Belgium I had to go really deep for the first time in a long time. Recently I had been training a lot and quietly, that is classically putting in the kilometers. But it was worth it. After a relatively easy first stage, the stage yesterday had a Classics character.

Back to racing

30. Apr 2017

Just like last year I took a break after the Classics and am now returning to racing again on May 1. Even though I am still preparing for the highlights in the second half of the season, I will try to be at the start of the Radklassiker in Frankfurt in my best possible form.

Optimistic after starting the Classics season

26. Mar 2017

My legs are good, I got over the cobbles well and am now looking forward to the next weekends with Flanders and Roubaix. After I took it a little easy after Paris-Nice, the muscles are coming slowly back into form and hopefully will stay there ;-) At Harelbeke I could finish in the first chase group. There was no top result.

Sewed up with eight stitches

26. Feb 2017

That was sure a weekend to forget. Yesterday while in a very promising position, I was involved in mass crash, so that my race was over and today the bad luck struck me again. I was in the group with all the favourites. You could say: everything going well. Then suddenly a strong wave went through the group, from front to back.

The hardness is not yet there

17. Feb 2017

Second place, four seconds, but not the end of the world. Of course I am disappointed. I want to win every time I start a time trial. But I am also realistic. It is February and I must still work on my hardness after training rather quietly lately. And Castroviejo is not an unknown factor.

Aerodynamic test and new insoles for the Tour of Algarve

15. Feb 2017

Finally back to the Algarve. It seems like I am here almost every year to ride this great Tour, which I have been able to win two times. In addition to the good organization, the almost family atmosphere, the great landscape and the enthusiastic fans, I especially look forward to the time trial...

Either the barrier or the victory

02. Feb 2017

After yesterday’s lack of success yesterday, everything went to plan today – except for two small crashes, in which I didn’t hurt myself ;-) I had noted this stage and made myself some plans. From our training camp I especially knew the final climb quite well and knew where I had to attack.

Man and machine are one unit

01. Feb 2017

So, the first race of the season with my new team has been run. The result is disappointing but the feeling is very good. One laughing eye and one crying eye, so to speak. We started in the team time trial here at the Volta a la Comunitat Valenciana over-motivated.

Snow chaos in Spain

21. Jan 2017

After the snow chaos in Spain, I left there a day early to work on my form on the home trainer at home. We had eight inches (20 cm) of snow within a short time and the traffic was stopped. No one there had snow tires, since it so seldom snows. We fought our way with the team car to the track in Valencia...

Love the material

16. Jan 2017

Five to seven hours in the saddle, making films, relaxed team evenings. After a few days here in Calpe, we already have a good number of kilometers in our legs. Every day we ride between 150 and 210 kilometers. I am doing a lot better than the first training camp.

Christmas Greetings

25. Dec 2016

Just in time for Christmas I would like to thank everyone who supported the donation action for the Albert-Schweitzer Kinderdorf Erfurt and the Förderverein Erfurter Radsport. A tidy sum of 2800 Euros has come it, with which we will make the children very happy. In the coming year I will let you know exactly how the money will be spend.

World Championship jersey for a good cause

07. Dec 2016

Every year the same... Together with you, I would like to raise some money so that Santa Claus can visit the the kids in the Albert-Schweitzer Kinderdorf in Erfurt and put some presents under the tree. If you are looking for very individual present, or just want to gift yourself something, then I would be happy if you make a bid.

Aching muscles from knee bends

23. Nov 2016

Knee bends, exercises, some aching muscles. After a four-week pause, I have gotten back into training. I really took the time off and didn’t do any sport. I would have liked to at least have done some running, but my legs and especially joints need so much time to get used to that stress, that it is really not worth it.

5 great years at Etixx - Quick-Step coming to an end

28. Oct 2016

You should leave when things are best. I am carrying this thought with me as I think of my departure from my current team Etixx-QuickStep. The wins in the individual and team time trials at this year’s World Championships were quite literally a golden ending to five great years with my team!

Motivated in to the off-season

19. Oct 2016

Back home again I had the first chance today on my bike to really realize what has happened the last weeks. I enjoy these m>oments alone, in which you can finally come to peace with the world. I am so very proud of the World Champion titles and especially of that for the individual time trial.

Going deep again – but only once

15. Oct 2016

I will put myself totally in the service of the team tomorrow. But even as a helper you have to know how to budget your strength. In my experience, after a time trial you can go really deep only one more time and that is all. That means, when you have really been in the red zone once, you don’t recover like in normal climatic conditions.

Fourth time World Champion

12. Oct 2016

At last! I finally have the jersey again. I am overjoyed that next year I can be at the start in the World Champion’s jersey. That makes me prouder than the medal ceremony today. I have felt well here in Qatar from the start and at the team time trial I had already noticed that I coped well with the circumstances.

What an emotional World title

10. Oct 2016

The World Championship win in the team time trial was incredibly emotional for me. The last race for my current team. The last race with the guys and the staff. I am overjoyed with the win but sad, too, of course. An era is going to an end for me. But at any rate I am ending it successfully. What a way to go out! Thanks for the great time!

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