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Back on the bike


I have some good and some not-so-good news for you today. First the good news: I am back on the bike and the doctors gave me the green light to train on the road again. The healing process is going well. And I have let myself be tortured by our team osteopath in Munich for the last four days. I also have some exercises to do at home, to continue working on my stability. I am feeling good about my comeback.

Now the not-so-good news: My comeback will unfortunately be delayed. The doctors have advised me against a start at the Deutschland Tour. It really hurts me, that I can’t be there. But I didn’t argue about and accepted their advice. It would be fatal if I crashed on my back again and did even worse damage. We professional athletes are aware that we have to accept a lot of risks. That’s just the way it is. But we must not overdo it. I am responsible not only for myself and my body, but also for my family. I would have liked to have seen you all at the Deutschland Tour. But we will do that one day ;-)

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