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World Championship Time Trial


I am not, and cannot be, satisfied with the results in the individual time trial. My performance was not that which I had planned. My stated goal was to have the best time at the foot of the climb. I didn’t do that. I was not able to go really deep. The though of the climb that was coming inhibited me. However, I am quite satisfied with my performance on the climb. I could ride a good rhythm. The distance to the podium – with the exception of Tom Dumoulin – was not great, which helped some. But I cannot be satisfied with my placing.

The mood on the climb was incredible. It felt like going up Alpe d’Huez. The Norwegians have once more proved just how much they love sport.

After the race I spent a few nice hours with my girlfriend and our daughter, which helped me put it behind me. I am now looking forward to the road race on Sunday. Without John, we don’t have a real captain, but we will make the best out of this situation. It will be difficult for the other teams to predict what we will do and that can be to our advantage.

Photo: roth-foto.de

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