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My form is super



You might not think it from the results, but I got a lot of motivation from the team time trial. My form is super. I feel really fit for the first time this season. And I will go so far as to say that with legs like this I have already become World champion. The time trial tomorrow is not that long and the climb at the end is pretty steep, so I will have to do everything to gain a lot of time on the first kilometers, and hopefully have the best time at the start of the climb so that I can somehow save myself on the climb in order to get a medal. Realistically, however, riders like Dumoulin and Froome are favored.

Looking back again at the team time trial, we are of course not satisfied with the results. Without being negative about the team, the difference in the performance abilities was so high that we could not really go fast together. I was the "locomotive", as was right. But unlike in flat terrain where you have a chance to rest a bit at the back, this course was stressful for everyone and maybe even too much so for others when I led them over the hills. But as I said, we wanted to use this to see where we are and what we have to work on. Now we have seen it and surely we will be competitive again soon.

Later I will surprise my girlfriend and our little daughter at the airport, which is only three km from the hotel. I will give them big hugs and get my last piece of motivation for tomorrow. At any rate I will go all out. Yours, Tony.

Photo: roth-foto.de

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