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Aching muscles from knee bends


Knee bends, exercises, some aching muscles. After a four-week pause, I have gotten back into training. I really took the time off and didn’t do any sport. I would have liked to at least have done some running, but my legs and especially joints need so much time to get used to that stress, that it is really not worth it. So I just did nothing and, as they say, I just took it easy.

In the first days I only did some exercises and haven’t yet got on the bike. When I sit on the saddle again after such a long time, I get some really aching muscles. That is why I chose the weight room, picked up the barbells and did some deep knee bends. Sure I will still have aching muscles but it goes a bit better and then I can start right up with full training on the bike. I will be at the training camp in Calpe as of the 28th, and then the preparations for the new season will really start.

So I won’t be there when my good friend Matthias puts on a cross race in Erfurt for the first time. I think it is great that he has taken the initiative, is involved in our great sport and has put together such a great event. If you want to find out more about it or even want to ride, then look here.

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